Our main product that is for sale, is the 'know-how', built into our development and design service.Since we manufacture some of our designs for clients, these systems are our products as well, and although some of  them are for sale, not all, as presented here, are available to the open market, due to various agreements with our clients. 

Thyratron grid drivers Pulsed laser circuitry Inductors
Specialised Power Supplies Variable Parameter Pulsed HV PSU Serial communication
Induction Heating Electrostatic Mineral Separator Power Supplies PC104 based controllers
Fibre-optic systems Fire suppression systems Industrial Control
Battery Management Unit Diode lasers    
Pulsed X-Ray generator        

However, each of the products presented here, serve as a reference for our areas of expertise. Furthermore, we never sell the rights to the system principles which we develop. Therefore, even if a particular design is not for sale, the fundamental technology is.