Jeenel Technology Services (Pty) Ltd is a technology development company.  Primarily, we specialise in electronic product development with emphasis on proper interfacing and integration with systems of other technical disciplines.  

Pure consultation and production of suitable products are also undertaken.  Since the formation of the company in early 1999, a number of successful systems have been developed and produced to client specifications.  


These include high-power resonant circuits for pulsed lasers, a pulsed X-ray source for an X-ray spectrometer, various micro-controller based fire prevention control panels, high voltage power supplies for electrostatic precipitators - as well as for mineral separation applications, industrial power supplies (see specialised power supplies), converter modules for various hardware communication protocols (RS232/RS485 to fibre optic).

We also specialises in system components for a client in the defence industry, a diode laser power supply and controller based on a PC104 computer, for a medical application and high voltage (parameter adjustable) pulsed power supplies.  

Most of these projects have continued into further development work.  However, the company’s clients currently market the completed versions of these products successfully as sub-systems locally and internationally.


The company has a staff complement consisting of a broad range of university and technicon qualifications in electrical and electronic engineering.

Our people have many years of experience in analogue and digital circuit, as well as software design, with specific expertise in a broad range of power electronics, pulsed power systems and high-voltage design, digital interfacing, measurement techniques, telemetry and C and Labview programming.


Furthermore, a well-developed network of people with a diversity of skills are consulted if necessary.